Primary Services

Case Handling / Litigation

The office participates  in in-and-out court proceedings, represents clients in cases involving labor, civil, family law, administrative matters, etc., The office represents clients before administrative bodies such as Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board, etc.


To legalize documents and meet the government documentary requirements, the Office can notarize documents.

Business Registration

Law office can register your business at

Department of Trade and Industry,

Securities and Exchange Commission,

Local Government Units and Bureau of Internal Revenue

Legal Document Preparation

Lawyer drafts and prepares the legal document

based on the needs of the client. The office can also prepare pleadings for clients, especially in the filing of criminal

and administrative complaints and drafting

of position papers for labor cases.

Contract Reviews

The office advises the clients on the

important points to consider before entering into a contract

or when a legal issue arises from the contract.

Legal Consultation

Generally, the law office offers advice to clients on any legal matter.

Land Title Processing

Law office pays the taxes due at the Bureau of

Internal Revenue and processes the transfer of title and tax declaration to the name of new owners in the Registry of Deeds and Assessor's Office

Business Consultancy

The office advises clients on different company structures and financial and documentary requirements.

Virtual Legal Services

The office offers legal services online, such as online consultation, document drafting and contract reviews. Consultations are done

through audio call, video call or email.

Real Estate

The office advises the clients the means of transferring real property.

The office also offers processing of payment of real property taxes, especially clients who are working or residing abroad.

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